"Dear Reciever,

I hope to find you in the best of health. This telegraph will be brief but beneficial if you desire to answer it. A dangerous magical weapon has been found in the possession of a notoriously rambunctious gang. Your specific skill-set is needed to retrieve the weapon and return it safely to the designated destination. A reward of five hundred gold pieces awaits you once the task is completed. Meet me at the Temple of Tengarin.


E. P. Rullbam."

A girl, not but sixteen years of age, unfurled the golden-yellow telegraph with slender fingers. Her hands were soft, with large, round palms. The hands of a thief.

Five hundred gold pieces… that's more than a week's haul going solo when the guards are attentive, which is usually after someone's majorly banged up the bank. I guess I should thank the Jackals for that, she thought with a grin at the accomplishment of the rising gang, for who she was currently operating for. Reggie had talents, and good ones at that, in the arts of sleight of hand and numerous criminal abilities. Now, they were to be used for good?

Reggie had to think about that for a while.

Welcome to the city of Aeramore, a bustling port city buzzing with the sound of whirring, steam-powered and/or magic machinery that drives the lives of many. This place is a hub of imagination and innovation, home to a magnitude of intellectuals, tinkerers, progressives, and the insatiably curious. However, dusted beneath the desks of glittering generality lies the true, gritty reality of the city. Starvation, poverty, disease, and crime haunt Aeramore, just like any living city, perhaps even more so with the sudden flood of immigrants and rural people. The boom seems to never end, and the bust never seems to happen.

Deep within the criminal underground of this glorious city, a force is rising. A freak accident has taken place, and the power it yielded has fallen into the wrong hands. 

And you'll get paid for snatching it.

Just Like Clockwork